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Part Indiana Jones, part Chicken Soup for the Soul, Wild Happy captures the adventures of a young aspiring scientist who left behind his superficial suburban existence in search of a world as different as he could find. He wasn't sure what he was after, but it found him anyway.

At twenty-four, Ryan Case, set off alone to an island at the far edge of the world to live and study among some of the world's most remote people to learn of the plants they used as medicines. His journey led him to the indigenous villages of Papua New Guinea, a land known for their history of brutality and cannibalism.

But while he stressed about getting work done and returning to civilization, something magical and unexpected got in the way: Everything.

In equal parts humorous, unnerving, uplifting, and reflective, Wild Happy fiercely captures a bewildered boy and the lost world that took him in, shared its hidden wisdom, and changed his life forever.

The journey that started it all...


"You will not find what you are looking for if you do not listen. Search with your heart and your ears, not with your hands and your eyes."


"Experiences are seeds that take lifetimes to sprout."


"Culture shock is just that - a great awakening."


"Fulfillment and actualization lie at the moment when you determine what is the dream and what is real."

Want to go further?

The out pouring of support and awesomeness around Wild Happy has taken on a life of its own.
Since there are so many that seek the transformative self-discovery that can from these types of adventures, we've created Modern Odyssey - a guided, live, virtual group self-discovery course.
If you're looking for more self-awareness, focus on fulfillment, and alignment with your authentic life...
We'd love for you to join us!